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  • Tour Heal used in family mat gives 98% F.I.R. It is very beneficial for us.
  • It keeps our internal body temperature normal.
  • Accu Tour Heal is useful in epileptic convulsions.
  • Accu Tour Heal Therapy works in Blood related diseases.
  • Accu Tour Heal mat boosts up the immunity power of body and make it strenghtful.
  • Accu Tour Heal therapy works on the lipomas in the body to dissolve it.
  • Its use helps in faster wound healing and normalising burnt skin.
  • Accu Tour Heal therapy of family mat works on the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system to improve its function
  • It helps to remove urinary stones through urine.
  • Accu Tour Heal therapy helps in the problems like prostate gland enlargement, uterine fibroids, tube blockages, menstrual problems, and male and female genital area related problems.
  • This therapy excretes the toxins from body which helps to improve skin texture.
  • It is very useful in body ache, fever, headache, cough, acnes, and bed wetting problems, loss of appetite.
  • Accu Heal mat is safe for children’s, youngsters and for older people.
  • This therapy radiates energy in the body, subsides all pain, and gives calm sleep to a person.
  • Accu Tour Heal therapy is very useful in winter season.


Bio-waves works on the human body, wave heal is also known as low frequency pulse. This is based on Fredrik wave. This Fredrik wave is actually “The French therapy” in which body is relieved through bio waves  &  galvanic waves. This waves heal is very important  for any individual  because it balances the electric charge in our body like ,when the child is born the electric charge is 0.5m  & as the child grows this electric charge starts  reducing therefore to maintain the exact balance of electric charges in our body , this wave heal is very effective . It balances air body’s action; it can also be called as life waves.


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