• Tour Heal is used as an Ornament in many countries. It is used on the affected part of the body.
  • Tour Heal can be used with the morning tea by boiling in it.
  • Dip the Tour Heal in cooking rice container which will increase its nutritional value.
  • It is used to stop bad breath.
  • In case of bleeding gums, keep the Tour Heal in mouth to stop the bleeding.
  • Keep the Tour Heal in the sack of rice which will prevent worms in rice.
  • In case of Arthritis, keep the Tour Heal on the painful area to minimise the pain.
  • Tour Heal can be placed on cell phones to barricade the electromagnetic waves coming from cell phones.
  • Use the Tour Heal on the burnt area.
  • Tour Heal is used in skin contusions to normalise the skin colour.
  • If vegetables are washed with Tour Heals, The germs get killed.
  • Sublingual use of Tour Heal prevents us from the cold flue.
  • Keep the Tour Heal on genitals in Prostate diseases.
  • It is useful in uterus infection as well as piles.
  • It is useful in nasal sinuses disease.
  • Tour Heal water is useful in constipation.
  • Tour Heal water is useful in acidity.
  • Tour Heal water is useful in skin problems.
  • Tour Heal water is useful in bad breath and body odour.
  • Tour Heal water works like a tonic which gives strength to the body and increases immunity power.
  • It helps to form new platelets in the body.
  • Tour Heal tonic is used in eyes to improve eye vision.


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